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Nofap day 27. Wet dream

NOFAP life

I got wet dream last night. More exactly, it was early morning at 5am. Somehow, I felt it might be coming with unclear brain, and  I tried to bear the ejaculation. but I couldn’t n 3 drips came out.

I remember I was dreaming a bit, but it was not so sexual one even though tits n nipples appeared in the dream.

I guess I might have written here before, but wet dream for me is very short. Some says wet dream is so sexually exciting and it is something to look forward. But for me, wet dean is usually just few mins or even 30 seconds.  So I feel I really don’t want get wet dream and wet underwear even though I was not trying nofap life.

Actually, this time was not excited or feeling good at all either. Just liquid came out and I felt uncomfortable.

I guess people who say wet dream is good are so called cum-slower. Maybe, that’s why they need long time to watch sexual dream for cuming and they can enjoy the dream enough.

In my case, as I said above, it take just seconds, so I cannot enjoy it at all.