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【NOFAP Novel: Desire of Femdom Nerd】Episode 2 “Year 2: Her Desire”

NoFAP Novel

Year 1
Lately, I have been wondering why I had got attracted by my husband while waiting him to come back home from work.  He does not have good appearance. He is shorter then 170cm hight, and he has unbalanced body parts. He has big head, and short limbs. Foot and hands are small, and its fingers are also short. I have heard the reason why women get attracted by big hands, foot, and long fingers is it shows how mens penis are healthy and its size.  At least, he is not sexy at all with the points.  If I got forced to make compliments on his appearance, it could be only his not aggressive baby face.

I am not showing off myself, but my appearance should not be bad. Since I was kid, I have received good words about my outlook. Adults around me always told me I am beautiful young girl. When I was in school, guys always asked me out. Even I look myself in mirror, I felt not bad about my well balanced tall body with long limbs.

I met him in our office. We had the same job, and worked in the same office. It should be at the office breaking room when we recognised each other at the first time. At the time, I just graduated from school, and I was a brand new employee in the job. The first thing I used to do at the office in the morning was cleaning the break room for coworkers. I guess many Japanese people must have had thought why only new young employees has to clean up. I also had wondered why, so I well remembered he was cleaning up the room even though he was not new at all in the office.

“Good morning”
When I greeted him, he glanced at me with a bit surprising face expression. But, he instantly move his eyes direction and stare at the floor.  I guess he vowed me but the movement was barely recognised as a greeting.

We often sew each other in the breaking room. It was maybe once or twice a day, but we just say few greeting words. It was not warm communication at all, but I had good impression on him who cleaned up voluntarily in the morning.

In a morning, I talked to him.  I do not remember what it was about, but it was probably related to our work. His reaction was not big when I talked to him, but I did not have bad impression either.  Since then, we started talking when we saw at the break room. It was just daily conversation, but it was good time to me. I felt relaxed while talking with him. I guess it was because I did not feel aggressiveness as male in him.

Most guys asked her out right after knowing each other when she was young. She understood it was good thing to her, but she was a bit sick of those men.

However, he did not asked her out at all. He even did not show he had any interest on her as female. After they often had conversation, she felt familiar with him, but he even did not make eye contact well.  But, in an opposite way, it could make her have interest in him.

I believe the first time when she had good impression as a man was the moment when a senior coworker teased them. The senior coworker came into the break room when they were talking in the room, and talked to them.

“Oh, you guys are talking again secretly here.”

We did not say anything and became silent. He was staring at floor.

“Are you teasing Sano? Perhaps, you like him? It’s kinda became a rumor the you guys might be in relationship. haha. Eri, you are teasing this weak guy, aren’t you?  Do you like a female dominated guy? you know what I mean?  haha”

The senior coworker was laughing even though I felt not funny at all. My future husband seemed to hesitate to saying words, but after while, he said,

“You can say anything about me, but You have to correct your sentences and apologize to her now.”

His face was rigid and serious when he said that.

“Hey, take it easy, Sano, I’m just joking, Don’t you get it?”

The senior coworker said so and left from there with grinning. I thought the future husband looked weak, but he had actually strong mind and warm heart.

To be continued in the next episode…